Two-Phase Treatment Cases

Phase I Treatment for Crowding and Crossbite

Phase I treatment is recommended when patient still has baby teeth to be lost and the problem is severe, affecting the growth of the jaws. This young patient is almost 10 years old when she first came in for a consultation. Besides the crowding and misalignment of her upper front teeth, her upper jaw is narrow and in a crossbite. Expansion of her upper jaw was done with a Hyrax appliance which she wore for 6 months in conjunction with partial upper braces. Treatment time for Phase I was 12 months and she will need a Phase II treatment when all her permanent teeth comes in.

Phase I Treatment for Dental Protrusion

Pre teen actively growing patient with severe dental protrusion and deep bite. She had Phase I treatment with partial upper braces and wore a Distalizing Arch with rubber bands to correct her dental protrusion. In 9 months her dental protrusion was fully corrected and she wore a retainer till she is ready for Phase II treatment when all her permanent teeth have come in.

Phase I Treatment for Underbite

Young pre adolescent 8 year old boy has an underbite with insufficient room for his upper teeth to come in. His upper jaw is small resulting in both a crossbite and an underbite. Phase I treatment was needed to address all his orthodontic problems. He wore an expansion appliance to correct the crossbite, a facemask for his underbite and upper braces to align his four front teeth. Phase I treatment was completed in 17 months. He will need Phase II treatment in future when all his permanent teeth are in.

Space Maintainers only in Phase I

When patient is seen early (the AAO recommendation is age 7) many things can be done to prevent, minimize or treat existing orthodontic problems. This patient was seen at age 8 with obvious dental crowding and early loss of lower baby teeth. He wore a lower space maintainer for 5 years and an upper space maintainer for 2 years before starting treatment with full braces. He wore his braces for only 16 months and avoided a long prolonged treatment with possible extraction of teeth had he not had the space maintainers phase of treatment.

Two Phase Treatment

Patient came in at 9 years of age and had already lost six anterior upper and lower baby teeth but have room only for four permanent teeth. One of her upper permanent teeth is in crossbite. Her treatment plan involved 2 Phase treatments with removal of four permanent teeth. Phase I treatment with upper braces to correct the crossbite lasted 9 months. At age 13 she started Phase II treatment which lasted 19 months. Now she has a very beautiful smile.

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