Dr. Ng Gives Back Locally

Dr. Ng believes in giving back to her community locally. She desires to bless others in the same way that she has been blessed. Below are some of the ways that Dr. Ng has had the privilege to be involved in locally.


Dr. Ng volunteers at City Rescue Mission’s dental clinic once a month to care for the dental needs of students enrolled in their Life Builder’s program which helps former homeless people get back on their feet and become a contributing member of the local Jacksonville community.

Smiles Change LivesDr. Ng is a provider for orthodontic services and donates her services to the program ‘Smiles Change Lives’ that helps families who cannot afford the full cost of braces secure treatment for their children.


Florida Baptist Mobile Dentistry Ministry

Dr. Ng volunteers periodically with the Florida Baptist Mobile Dentistry Ministry both in Duval and Nassau County.


International Learning Center

Dr. Ng migrated to the US in the 1980's and understands the complexities faced by immigrants and refugees when they first arrive in the US. She donates her time, talents and treasures to the International Learning Center year round and serves as one of their Board of Directors.

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