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The following cases are actual patients treated by Dr. Ng:

High school student would rather have Teen Invisalign

16 year old high school student with severely rotated upper front teeth opted for Teen Invisalign because of his busy lifestyle. He wore a total of 20 aligners and treatment was completed in 10 months with perfectly straight teeth.

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Complex Case – Class II with Crowding

Young adult did not want to wear braces. She had several orthodontic problems – bite was off, dental midline not coincident with each other and her upper and lower teeth were crowded but all were corrected with Invisalign treatment. She wore a total of 50 aligners and was very happy that she was able to have all her issues corrected fully with clear aligners.

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Graduating senior student did not want to wear braces

17 year old high school student did not want to wear braces and Teen Invisalign was an excellent choice for him. He wore a total of 12 aligners and treatment was completed in 6 months. He was able to graduate from high school with an awesome smile!

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Spacing of Teeth

Patient was bothered by the upper and lower spaces between his teeth. As an adult he was very conscious and did not want to wear braces. Invisalign was an excellent choice for him. He wore aligners for 17 months with a great outcome. A fixed retainer was cemented to the back of his upper two front teeth to keep the big space closed.

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Retreatment after having had braces with teeth removal as a teen

Adult seeking retreatment after having had braces as a teenager with removal of four permanent teeth. Retainers were not worn faithfully and her crowding has returned. Invisalign aligners were worn for 12 months and her result was retained with a bonded lower retainer in addition to removal retainers.

Before After

Open Bite with Crowding

Adult patient had braces with four teeth removed as a teenager and her crowding has returned in the absence of retainer wear. She did not want to wear braces again and opted for Invisalign treatment. She wore a total of 32 aligners and a bonded retainer was cemented behind her upper right incisors to hold the alignment of the severely rotated upper right lateral incisor.

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Dental Crowding in her 50's

55 year old female with upper and lower dental crowding desiring straight teeth and a good bite. She wore 29 sets of aligners over a period of 17 months and was very happy to have the smile she has always wanted. A bonded lower retainer was placed to retain the very crooked lower cuspid teeth.

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Patient Reviews

Best Invisalign Option in Jacksonville!

"I am blessed and excited to be a patient here! I have never seen such a warm and caring staff anywhere in Jacksonville. I recommend Dr. Ng and her office to anyone looking for the best quality work and customer service for any orthodontic needs!" - By Lyudmila K.,

Excellent Invisalign Care

"Dr. Ng is exceptionally precise and careful during all visits. She is experienced and has excellent results with Invisalign. Her staff is very friendly, welcoming, and they do what they can to meet your needs in a timely manner. I strongly recommend their office for orthodontic care." - By Lauren S.

Invisalign for Adults

"Great experience. I came in dreading the thought of having braces as an older adult. I was treated with professionalism, care and kindness." - By Martha C.

For more information on Invisalign, call Kok-Tow Ng, DDS in Jacksonville, FL at (904) 731-0521!

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