If you’ve recently gotten your braces off, then you know how wonderful it can feel to be free of your braces and to enjoy that straighter, healthier smile. Unfortunately, teeth can often shift back if you do not wear your retainers. Always follow the instructions given to you to maintain your beautiful smile for a lifetime. Below are some examples of retainers that you may need after completion of your treatment.


Bonded lower retainer

Permanent Lower Retainer

A lower retainer wire glued to the back of the cuspid teeth, spanning the six lower front teeth. These teeth are the ones most likely to become crooked if retainers are not worn.

Upper Bonded Retainer

Permanent Upper Retainer

Braided wire glued to the back of the upper front teeth to prevent spaces from reopening or severely rotated teeth from moving back to its original position after braces are removed.

Upper Clear Retainer

Removable upper retainer to hold alignment of the upper teeth after treatment has completed.  

Hawley Retainer

Removable retainer used during the resting phase between Phase I and Phase II treatment.

Upper Transpalatal Bar

An upper retainer appliance that not only maintains upper arch length, but can be activated to correct minor bite discrepancies.

Lower Lingual Arch

Lower retainer after Phase I treatment that maintains lower arch length while waiting for remaining baby teeth to be lost and the permanent teeth to come in.


It's important to maintain your renewed smile after braces. Call our Jacksonville office at (904) 731-0521 to learn more about fixed retainers!

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